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True Cloud Hosting with Canadian Servers and Techs

COOL Pro with TRUE IT; Your Access to Skills and Resources

Success often raises a need for resources, security & expertise. 

A Virtual Machine along with a TRUE I.T. is the new way to gain all the benefits of having a private server without the expense of Server Trained IT staff to keep it secure and running. 

Imagine having a TRUE I.T. Department at your disposal; taking care of your "big picture" online requirements, all for the price of premium hosting? Imagine your business benefiting from a TRUE Virtual VM environment that's fully managed by your IT Department. 

Who needs this? 

Community News Agencies, Community Programs, Community Resource Outfits, Medical Professionals, Busy Stores, Safety or Training Programs, Educational Sites and Facilities. Any group or individual who has business or income that depends on everything functioning well at all times. Also idea for resellers skilled at websites but needs support with Linux Software, DNS and Bind, Security Maintenance and Email Configuration Intricacies. 

What makes this different from other Virtual VM hosting?

TRUE IT manages your servers requirements rather than turning you over to FAQ pages (then charging for your mistakes). TRUE IT won't install initial software and disappear. TRUE IT helps you assist staff and clients with configurations you've assembled for them. Your TRUE IT is Linux Server Trained in Canada and works with you + for you. 

  • TRUE IT Skilled Personal Tech - "We do it for you..."
  • $25.00/m Spam Reduction customized program management
  • $20.00/m Site and System Virus Scans
  • $14.95/m Incremental backups and mitigation management
  • $14.95/m Site Hack defense program Management
  • $15.00/ea "We login to your PC" Email Client (Outlook etc) setups
  • $25.00/ea "We do it for you" 3rd party setups (Gmail readers etc)
  • $40.00/h Best Practice consulting w/personal training
  • $40.00/h Server Software Updates
  • $80.00/h Server Security Updates
  • "We do it for you" email box & forwards management
  • Fully IT Trained (Canadian Staffed) TRUE IT techs

How's your Virtual VM hardware different from others? 

REAL Virtual VM with SSL comes chalk full of added software and systems that you just won't find elsewhere. From custom installed security software to Wildcard SSL, it's got more and we take care of all the management of these advantages for you.  

  • Private Managed VM Cloud With "We do it for you..." 
  • Private RAM, CPU, Panel Admin, etc
  • Wildcard SSL Installed and renewed annually
  • Security Software installed, updated and managed
  • Server Software installed, updated and managed
  • cPanel Software installed, updated and managed
  • Up to 10 Websites with email, ftp etc
  • Add more sites for 2.95/m each (billed annually)
  • Unlimited email boxes and email forwards
  • Unlimited Pointing section (point domains at sites)
  • Unlimited bandwidth

$14.95/m (billed annually)

Domain to Host:

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True IT means you get the real deal. Actual IT Professionals. 

- No phone banks
- No outsourcing
- No binders
- No FAQ Pages

Our IT Professionals help you directly with your questions. TRUE IT Pros are right here in Canada and work exclusively for you at your Help Desk.