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True Cloud Hosting with Canadian Servers and Techs

Using the Rapid Help Desk for Sales and Support (fastest)

Hours: Every day, 8am to 10pm Central monitored live. After hours, monitored hourly. 
Sales: Your question is immediately answered by the team member with the expertise you require. 
Support: Your issue is immediately corrected by the technical professional right for your issue. 

Why is this faster? We have staff waiting 18/7 to look after any issues you bring forth and their job is to get it done. Often your solution includes links or other info better left to text for accuracy (and our help desk is audited to ensure you the best experience). Additionally, you can return to any ticket anytime to refer back to links and information. 

Calling our Toll Free Sales and Support Line, 1-888-303-7669

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, Noon to 7pm Toronto 
Sales: Our Manager can answer any questions you may have.
Support: Our Manager will bring technical issues it to the correct person for you. 

Skype Chat "Direct to Expert" included in all Pro Hosting Plans

Hours: Monday to Thursday, 2pm to 6pm Central
Sales: A great way to get advice or information to make a plan or decision.
Support: Best for technical advice of any kind and other non urgent issues. 

Choosing the method of contact best for your needs

Urgent technical issues: Always use the help desk first! Fill us in and leave it in our hands - your issue will be fixed while you carry on with your own work. 
Sales questions or advice: This is a great use of our Sales Team, no urgency means you can spend time talking about all possible angles and paths to success. 
Issues that require links, logins, passwords: Always use the help desk. It's secure and accurate with regard to links and info that may be referred to later.