Managed Cloud Hosting with Canadian Servers and Techs

Using the Rapid Help Desk for Sales and Support (average 5 minute to one hour resolution turn-around)

Hours: Every day, 8am to 10pm Central monitored live. After hours, monitored hourly. 
Triage: Your ticket is immediately sorted by our Triage Team with urgency being the top criteria
Sales: Your question is quickly answered by the team member with the expertise you require. 
Support: Your issue is immediately corrected by the technical professional right for your issue. 

Why is this faster?

We have staff waiting 18/7 to look after any issues you bring forth and their job is to get it done.

Often your solution includes links or other info better left to text for accuracy (and our help desk is audited to ensure you the best experience). Additionally, you can return to any ticket anytime to refer back to links and information. 

Calling our Toll Free Sales and Support Line, 1-888-303-7669